Google Class Room

Google Class Room

Google classroom provides platform for interaction between teachers and students to share Files such as images, pdf, videos, and other links relevant to their classes and subjects. Students are supposed to login using School provided Id.

The same platform will be used to conduct test, give assignments and make announcement .To learn more about how google classroom works please visit Support. google classroom.

Desktop Users

1.In Chrome visit website to open google class room.

2.Sign in page opens enter Email ID and password.

3. You are successfully logged in to google class room.

Mobile Users

  1. Open Google Play Store And download google class room application.

  2. List of all Email ID's in your phone will be displayed, Select your MS Academy email ID.

  3. All your subject classes in which you are added will be displayed.

How to join google classroom invitation?

1.Open the google classroom app.

2.List of classes will be displayed, with join or decline button.

3. Click join button to accept the invite and enter into the classroom.


1.Open your Gmail App.

2.In, inbox, look for google class room invite mails.

3.Open it, and Click on join button to accept the invite and enter into the classroom.

4. Now open google classroom app ,A list of all classes in which you have join will be displayed.

Google class room User Manuals

Mobile User:

Desktop User: